Employee Motivation –Necessity for Company Growth

Motivating Employees is a very essential step that every company should undertake to improve the productivity of its employees. Motivated employees always stand at front to take up any task for the betterment of company. A self-motivated employee is even better, because of his innovative ideas he can encourage even other people also to work better. However, for any company to gain business, employee satisfaction is very important .This can be achieved only when there is one to one approach in the company. Higher officials should interact personally with the juniors to give them a chance to think and suggest their views for the growth of the organization. Always know the work profile of your employees and try to assign them the task of their interest .In case you are not able to do so then try to make assigned task interesting by giving him rewards for his work in terms of money or gifts.

Always celebrate business success with your employees by throwing family parties to become more familiar with them. Give fair opportunities to your employees for enhancing their skills and train them in other areas also, so that they can handle any task. Always provide safe and secure atmosphere for work purpose. Many cases occur with working women.So, care must be taken to provide environment which is free of fear or harassment. Sometimes, employees are disturbed due to some personal reasons, try to find the root cause of problem and help them personally or financially. 



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