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Every motivation book will tell you that you are the king of your life and you control it. This is a truth, but not entirely. You can control and affect only about 50% of your life. How? For example. When you are crossing a street, it depends on you, are you going to cross it on red or green traffic light, but it doesn’t depend on you, is a person who is driving a car stop at a red light or not. You are just the creator of your life, you don’t control it completely.
This may concern you, but there is no reason for that. If you understand how a life really works, you can control it better and you can use other people in order to get something you want. Ways you can achieve this are different, and they depend on you and your boundaries. Some people are ready to do anything they must in order to get something, but some people won’t. Try to be a good person and respect your moral rules. If you do good, good things will happen to you, if you do bad, bad will happen.
Another 50% of your life may look like destiny. In fact, many people believe in it. But they are just actions of other people. For example, when you go on a job interview, people who are interviewing you decide will you get the job or not. But remember, the first (more important part) 50% of your life are completely yours. This means that you have the power to start anything you want.




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