How to go through with the tough decisions in life

We’ve all had moments of weaknesses. We’ve all ended up at crossroads in our lives and we’ve had to make some really hard decisions. Making the decision isn’t the hard part. The hardest part is to live with that decision and not regret it. No second thoughts are allowed and “what if’s” don’t help. And once you’ve decided, all you can do is look ahead instead of peeking into a past that is now set in stone.

How do you choose which decision would be the right one for you?

  • You can make a table of pros and cons on a piece of paper and then decide. It will help sort out the confusion in your mind. It will also make the choice seem clearer than it is.

  • Talking to a friend also helps. Most of the times, a person unrelated to the situation can provide a fresh and unbiased perspective as an outsider. Sometimes when a problem seems so complex to you, it might seem just as simple to an outsider.

  • If you still don’t understand what to do, follow your heart in the matters of love and not the brain. Thinking practically makes you take the wrong decisions. So, you should sometimes follow your instinct and do what you think is best for your own happiness.






How do you live with the choice you’ve made?

You believe and have faith in yourself. Trust that you’ve made the best choice possible for you and that you have thought about it long and hard. Always think about all the possibilities and consequences before making a choice and if that choice is worth it, take a leap of faith.



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