What you know about sleep

We all know that sleep is important (mandatory) for us and our health. Beside nutrition and exercise it is the most important thing for our health. Some people call sleep the ‘’third pillar’’. It should protect our mental and physical state. But it can also have a negative effect on our health if we don’t sleep enough or even worse, don’t sleep at all. Scientists have studied sleep from early history, but in the last 10 years they found many interesting discoveries. 

Many people believe that when they sleep, their brain sleep as well. Actually, the brain is very active during sleep. Beside it does standard processes, it prepares your body for the future actions, it creates memories and make older memories easier for retrieval. A research at the University of Rochester, found that during sleep, our brain is ‘’cleaning’’ our body. We remove toxins and dangerous substances. Some of toxins that our body must eliminate can contribute to neurodegeneration.

People who get up early have several more benefits. Those benefits affect on our mental state and health. Scientists proved that people who get up early in the morning, had trimmer waistlines and their motivation is very high. Also, those people exercise a lot more than people who don’t get up early in the morning. One study found that morning people had more positive feelings.

However, lack of sleep can be dangerous! It has been linked to: high blood pressure, heart attacks, obesity, diabetes, stroke, depression, heart attack and anxiety. So, you can see how much, sleep is important. There are many factors that affect on sleep. One of them is technology. Teenagers usually don’t sleep enough because of it.


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