Some Simple Ways to Detoxify Your Kidney

Although kidney itself is the organ which detoxifies the body by removing the unwanted elements from the blood and getting rid of them through urine, it itself may need to be detoxified under certain circumstances. The world we are living in exposes us to a number of pollutants and impurities through the air and food. Therefore, for the optimal operation of the kidney, it should be rid of these harmful agents.

Whenever you think about detoxification of the body or any particular organ, you will always need water. The question is how much water should you drink? Well, the answer is that the water intake quantity depends on your body height and weight – in short BMI. On an average, you should drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day to effectively detoxify the kidney. Even if you drink extra water, it will not harm your body in any way. But make sure that you do not drink too much at one time. Drink 3 litres at regular intervals throughout the day.

Aside from drinking water, start focussing on the good quality food. Even if you are eating junk or processed food, make sure that it is from the trusted restaurant or food joint. The roadside hamburger shops may contain more toxins than you think.

Another way to detoxify your kidney and make your body healthier is to take the mixture of lemon, honey, and lukewarm water as the first thing in the morning.

To know whether your kidney is working properly or not, you can get the kidney function test done. It’s a simple blood test and will tell you the operational status of your kidney.


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