How to Treat the Black Eye Quickly

Having a black eye does not only make you unsightly but could also be painful and irritating. The good news is that black eye is not a serious problem and can be taken care of quite easily. There are some remedies which work slowly but definitely treat the black eye. On the other hand, some therapies have instant results and are quite effective. 

Ice Therapy: This therapy could be quite effective in giving you the quick results you are looking for. But do remember that this may not always work. However, there is no harm in trying this therapy which costs you virtually nothing. Fill a small pouch with ice and apply it to the affected area. Do not keep the ice for more than a few minutes over the affected area as it may cause numbness and ice burn. Instead, take regular breaks. Do not let the ice come in contact with the cornea. Apply it only to the area around the eye affected by the black eye.

Ointment: There are some ointments especially created for the treatment of the black eye. These ointments are especially helpful when the black eye is accompanied by the swelling. These ointments help in giving vitality to the affected area of the skin around the eyes.

Elevated Head: If there is swelling with the black eye, then make sure your head is in the elevated position most of the times. When you are in the bed, elevate your head with the help of the pillows. This will prevent the flow of blood to the affected area. In turn, it will help reduce the swelling.



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