Combat Your Stress in a Couple of Seconds

Stress is a serious problem. In fact, it is so serious that there is not a person who isn’t under stress at least once a day. But, stress can be responsible for many health issues. It affects on your body and mind. So, you should combat your stress. Still, the best way is to visit a therapist, but there are some techniques that you can use when you are alone.
1.    Breathe deep. Take 4-5 deep breaths. This should relax you and you will feel good. The goal is to reset your nervous system. Deep breaths will also bring more oxygen to your nervous system and in your bloodstream. After a third breath, you will notice an improvement.
2.    Dancing is also very useful. However, you can’t use it when you are in the office, but when you are at home, you can. According to experts, when you change your body state, you also change your mental state.
3.    Move away from the situation that cause stress. This means you should move away from the table or leave a conversation.
4.    Smelling essential oils can help you combat stress. Inhaling a fresh piece of ginger or lemon, can help you.
5.    The laugh is probably the best way to fight stress. It will release endorphins in the brain. This will make you feel better. In order to laugh, you can use anything that you can. YouTube and jokes are my favorites.
6.    When you hug a person, your body releases dopamine and oxytocin. This lowers your cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, so lowering it is more than good.
7.    Imagine yourself in a place you like. A beach is usually the best place.


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