A green smoothie to detox

Green vegetables are known to be fibrous in nature which are required to cleanse the body and hence, offer a lot of health benefits. A smoothie rich in these green treasures of nature coupled with some fruits make it tastier and also is a good detox recipe which can be savoured every morning as a breakfast substitute. A pure smoothie diet minus all unhealthy food can act as a  pure Detoxifier which is needed for feeling younger each day with a lot of stamina increase and also for getting a slim, well toned and attractive body.

Smoothie- Successful attempts to heal the body
Raw dark leafy vegetables like spinach act like power boosters. When they are crushed to prepare a smoothie, the first and foremost benefit is the freedom from unhealthy fats and sugar present in processed food.     The sweetness can be derived  from fruits which are natural, hence not harmful. The body used to unhealthy food can be trained to desire more of this nutritious smoothie which can heal the body completely.

Whatever ingredients you plan to use out of the huge list of possible smoothie ingredients, they must be washed properly so that no harmful chemicals penetrate your body which can result in contrasting effects like food poisoning.

Ingredients of smoothie
Celery, beet greens, cucumber,  mint, radish tops, lettuce, carrot leaves are many greens which can be used along with fruits like pear, apple, grapes, cherries and many other seasonal fruits in alternation to avoid any kind of boredom due to lack of variation. In case a diabetic patients, low sugar fruits must be used for higher benefits.

Remember, the fruits should not dominate the smoothies in terms of percentage, the green veggies should account for at least 40% of the smoothie. Rich in proteins, beta carotene, a number of vitamins and minerals, these green veggies play a vital role in beautifying the skin and providing a number of antioxidants. Besides these, many people can   add flaxseeds, ginger, turmeric powder, cumin seeds which induce a good taste and also is good for the body.

This smoothies can be had at any time of the day and this must be made in purified water. Also, in case a person doesn't like it, a higher percentage of fruits initially can be an ideal way to begin. The smoothie diet regime must be followed religiously and to aid productive results, there must be strict eliminations of unhealthy food beverages which dehydrate, dairy products, soda drinks and processed food from the diet. It is not advisable to shift to a whole grain diet as soon as the smoothie diet comes to a full stop. It is better to start with some salads, and slowly increase the intake so that it does not over pressurise the metabolism activities. This green smoothies can become a part of your lifelong morning routine accompanied with a protein rich meal once or twice a day.

The detoxification will aid a stronger heart, stronger metabolism, and keep you refreshed all through the day by keeping a number of diseases at bay.


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