Sail Through Withdrawal Effects

Quitting smoking can be a tough and really tough task for you if you are addicted to puffing at these instruments of smoke and passion. There are bound to be a hundred and one health benefits of not smoking, and once you stop smoking, the world around you is really going to become all the more beautiful. But you should be prepared for some withdrawal symptoms associated with smokers who give up smoking one fine day.

The toughest time for those who have chosen to give up smoking is that following the decision and its implementation. The initial period is usually and almost always the toughest to go through. It does take some time, ranging from 8-12 weeks from the day you quit smoking, before you could feel to have regained the joys of a normal life. The truth is that while the intake of nicotine creates a craving for itself, it leaves the body dependent on nicotine for quite some time. There is an eternal desire to intake nicotine again and again to suppress this craving.

The craving and other symptoms associated with the withdrawal persist for some time till the body is given an amount of nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms can always be stressful and pressing. But the good news is that these symptoms are only temporary. They may persist for as much as six months from the time you decide to quit smoking, but they will certainly go. The only thing that is to keep you sailing through your efforts to quit smoking is going to be your determination to get rid of the habit.



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